The need for electoral college reform essay

The thoughtful and controversial scheme for mending---not ending---the electoral college by fellow britannica blogger james pontuso caused me reflect on in any case, the most cogent argument against just about every proposal to reform or eliminate the electoral college is that each would require the. In the next few paragraphs we are going to explore some of these criticisms and some of the advantages and disadvantages of various reform proposals one major criticism that we faced and still face today is why not vote by popular vote instead of rely on the electoral votes well one of the reasons being is that states like. (in fact, in 2000, george w bush could easily have won the popular vote and lost the electoral college to al gore, and in 2004, john kerry almost won (for a full explanation of why the airc ruling means direct democracy is permissible in electoral college reform, see my justia essay written in the wake. The presidency is considered the nucleus of the american political system because of the importance of this position, controversy has developed regarding a system of election according to jeraine root, historically the electoral college was developed through negotiation deriving from conflicts between representatives at. Electoral college dbq essay electoral college reform essay get the best online homework help and homework answers at studypool how to write dialogue in an essay open site.

But “usually” will be cold comfort to democrats, who have now won the popular vote and lost the electoral college in two of the past five elections but when we get down to brass tacks, the most serious objections to reforming the electoral college come from rural and small-state elites who fear that. America's election systems have operated smoothly for more than 200 years because the electoral college accomplishes its intended purposes. That there have been so few serious efforts at the federal level to reform the electoral college, which played a determining role in the 2000 selection of george w bush–who had fewer popular votes than al gore–is a disturbing sign that our democracy is unable to respond to the most basic consensus. 200 years after the electoral college's creation, it still serves its intended purpose , but the increasing social and political awareness in america has caused a need to look at reform in this process the question that should be asked by every citizen as they participate in the vote next year is if the electoral college enables the.

No legitimate reason exists to maintain the electoral college, but several compelling reasons exist to abolish it, the most important of which is that it that stands in the way of effective electoral reform at the presidential level with a few minor exceptions, the electoral college gives all of the electoral votes for each state to the. James levine admonished that the electoral college would soon pro- duce a wrong winner-a president proposals and alternatives for electoral reform that have been introduced in congress since [vol 29:879 ber, pledging a new allegiance: an essay on sovereignty and the new federalism, 75 notre dame l. In this essay, sanford v levinson from the university of texas examines the electoral college's origins, its evolution, and reform measures related to it under the original constitution, the house would have been able to choose among all four, and one might plausibly believe that clay might have.

  • To win the election, presidential candidates need electoral votes from multiple regions and therefore they build campaign platforms with a national focus, meaning that the winner will actually be serving the needs of the entire country without the electoral college, groups such as iowa farmers and ohio factory workers would.
  • And if this moment doesn't convince you that reforming the electoral college is perhaps one of the most important issues facing our democracy, ponder this what might in a 2000 cato institute essay, john samples wrote “if the founders had wished to create a pure democracy, they would have done so.
  • The reality is that that modern-day electors exercise little autonomy—very rarely rejecting the preference of their states' voters—and the system has a long history of dissatisfaction there have been more than 700 proposals to reform or abolish the electoral college by constitutional amendment, according.

The most prominent form of electoral reform is where the voting system (how votes are translated into seats) is changed this might involve, in the uk, changing the voting system for westminster general elections from first-past-the -post (fptp), to a more proportionally representative system to help seats in parliament. As time reported, the segregationist plan was one of seven electoral college reform ideas that the senate subcommittee on constitutional amendments and wisdom of the system is reaching the highest pitch in decades,” time noted that fall, in an essay calling for a direct popular vote for the president. Our recent essay “the rules of the game: a new electoral system” [nyr, january 19] provoked thoughtful responses from many readers—in letters to the new york review second, we would reform the electoral college so that nationwide vote totals rather than statewide totals determine the winner.

The need for electoral college reform essay
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